acoustic idea 021719

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new acoustic album coming 2019

thanks for watching

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Gear I use:

Guitar: changes by the video. i use a lot of fender, and gibson. but feel free to ask specifics.

Pickups: all of my guitars use different pickups depending on what suits them but i will say Bare Knuckle Pickups are my favorite and preferred brand. feel free to ask specifics

Amps: Fractal AxeFX 2 for the guitar tone on my covers, lessons, and original music . i almost always use Soldano SLO100 presets but sometimes some Friedman, Orange and others sneak in.. i dont typically use real amps anymore. certainly not in my videos just for convenience.

Strings: 9-46 are my main string gauge for fenders. i’ll use 10-52 on Gibsons typically. i tend to flip flop between Ernie Ball and D’addario.

Picks: i tend to use .88mm Tortex but i’ll use .60mm for faster strumming songs or for Bass guitar.

DAW: Reaper for all my recording software.


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27 thoughts on “acoustic idea 021719

  1. the acoustic guitar sounds so light and nice, what model is that and what strings to you recommend? Great song btw. 👍

  2. Hey Jon! Can you please make a video where you explain how you record an make your albums and that? (Nice song by the way!)

  3. I like it a lot. Sounds like a “blink-ish” style progression just with a little more talent. I’m sorry if your burnt out on being associated with them, but its a really nice song

  4. Oh my god this is so fucking good! This is the shit that should be mainstream, not modern rap. What are your other musical influences besides blink

  5. I could do lyrics for this really nice work ! 🙂 but that dissonant note is intended or a mistake?

  6. do you ever plan on making songs that are more than instrumentals? like vocals or expanding on the instrumental with visual stuff?

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