Ace Frehley of KISS: Guitar Moves

Âm Nhạc

You know what a dinosaur riff is? Yeah, we didn’t either. Until we sat down with shredder Ace Frehley of KISS at Electric Lady Studios.

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30 thoughts on “Ace Frehley of KISS: Guitar Moves

  1. How it must of felt to be sitting there playing with Ace on the rhythm part and then he goes off on the lead fills while you continue to lay down the rhythm! Jammin with the best!

  2. I want Matt to do this forever these are fucking fantastic. This is what you do as kids when you get into guitar with a friend.

  3. Dont get me wrong,, I love all kiss members but there was magic with the original 4.. the first 8 albums were the greatest and still very relevant and fresh today as it was almost 50 years ago. You can not say that about any other music from the time period.

  4. I literaly turned into a 10yr old kid again on this video. If I would have got the chance to play DEUCE with ACE FREHLEY and then be give an impromptu lesson by The Man Himself…. I could have peacefully died right then and there.

  5. Love Ace. Love his style, very raw and raunchy. Gene Simmons writes 1 song a day. 🤔 Bet the majority of them suck! 😂

  6. Literally thank God for Kiss . They kept alive in the 70s and not go overboard. Thanks for the memories. signed MOSES GOMEZ.

  7. Apart from being an infinite inspiration for playing the guitar, Ace was also my favourite singer of Kiss.

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