✅ How to FIX AURA SYNC FAST [LATEST 2019 FIX] | Fix Asus Aura Sync Not Working

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The latest video is here:

You won’t find any problem if you watch the latest video.
Here,l I’ll show you how you can fix aura sync issues like ‘asus aura not opening’ , ‘aura sync not working’ , ‘aura sync not detecting motherboard’ and so on.

File Download link:

You can also check our previous video on aura sync fix:

The ASUS AURA SYNC software is full of bugs and seems to have many issues. If you want to solve these particular problems of your system AURA themes, you will have to follow this tutorial and fix the issues.

I was having the same problems,

Fixing your asus aura sync contains a 4 steps process:

1. [0:17] How to download aura sync from official website
2. [1:29] Unlocking Files
3. [2:41] Installing Aura Sync
4. [4:19] Fixing the issue

🛈 Remember, This is the quickest fix.


After doing some research, I finally able to fix my aura sync software.

And so far it’s working great til now!

So I thought to myself, Many of you are facing the same problem.

That’s why I wanted to make a this short video to fix all the issues related to your ASUS AURA SYNC.

This video will help you to fix issues of aura sync software if it’s not able to sync your asus aura sync supported motherboard.

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33 thoughts on “✅ How to FIX AURA SYNC FAST [LATEST 2019 FIX] | Fix Asus Aura Sync Not Working

  1. my hero. i was getting annoyed that everything else in my room was one color and i couldn't change the rainbow colors on my computer. thank you so much.

  2. You are amazing. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!
    I spend about 3 hours trying to fix this and it just got solved with this video!

  3. Thanks bro… My Asus Tuf before i was unable to on turbo mode i was playing silent and balance mode from 6 months now i this video helped me alot…

  4. it dont work on me… i have seen the video over and over again 1mill times now… and i cant understand what im doing wrong….
    can someone pliz help me and try to explain to me what i can be doing wrong…

    im stuck at blue heavy light,and soon im going crazy…
    when i have opend the prog, only my "ledstrip" is in the program…and my ram bricks changeing colors all the time. and when i try to change color it dont work. it stays on blue all the time…

    the program just stopped working some weeks ago, and i cant understand shit, and as isaid.. im going NUUUUUTTTZZZZ heere…

  5. I installed it and it worked but after one day it crashed and i unitalled it and tried to install it again but it says can't open asIO.sys (2)

  6. I'd spent the last few days since upgrading to Asus Armory Crate and not getting that to keep Ram RGB or the RGB on my fans registered at all. Along with the base software going missing every launch. Then I stumbled on your video and download. This is perfect. Thank you so much. Any chance you can take a crack at fixing Armory Crate?

  7. The Unblock tab u r ticking at the beginning of this video is not there in my windows. Can you help?

  8. My Keyboard came with my laptop (Built in) and it is an Asus RGB keyboard but when I open the software it says I need to connect an aura sync device and It won't recognise my keyboard.

    Please help

  9. I was on the edge to explode .. I was tryin to make this fking shit app work.. and nothing could help me.. and then i found your video.. THX.. I wish YOU all the best, your family.. U helped me a lot.. GJ BRO

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