►STOREROOM AND 33 SLOT BACKPACK MODS!◀ Don't Starve Building an Epic Pirate Base – Ep 3

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Don’t Starve Shipwrecked – Can I make a truly epic, pirate themed base for Woodlegs? I’ll be using lots of decorative mods and pushing the game to the limit! 🙂

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22 thoughts on “►STOREROOM AND 33 SLOT BACKPACK MODS!◀ Don't Starve Building an Epic Pirate Base – Ep 3

  1. Skye, you don't need monster meat for meatballs, you are swimming in jerky. What you need is filler – set up a berry farm, or a seaweed farm, or both! (The butterfly wings from the last base worked well, too.) Grats on sticking to the rules! I feel sorry for those poor dispossessed merms though g

    It's interesting you're doing so well with Woodlegs when essentially you're playing his character all wrong – you've got him on land, keeping his sanity up with surf n turf and jerky, which is fine – but you're meant to make a SEA base, and keep both his sanity and boat repair up by sitting in your dockyard and snuggling ballphins all night! It would have been nice to see a sea base, I still haven't managed to unlock Woodlegs but when I do it's the first thing I'll aim for 🙂

    While all these mods are great fun to play with and help you make an awesome base, I hope everyone realises that they totally screw with the delicately balanced gameplay Klei have taken such pains with. I have no objection to people using them, but don't go bragging about how many days you survived etc. when you're using them, mkay? 😉

  2. There is a mod for stacking up more itens. You can choose the amount I think… It can go up to 999 or less but it's also something to help you sort storage out

  3. The mods are nice since it helps you haul stuff around.  You don't need to prove anything to us, you have already proven you can play the game without them time and time again.  Now its just time to have fun and decorate your base.

  4. Best part of this episode, in my opinion, is the retiring of that frikkin' idiot Packem.. (sp?).
    New back-back and storeroom are bonus.

    With this lot (commentors) keeping that one doodad is coming back to haunt you one day..hahaha.

    cheers for the vid Skye.

  5. Skye self deprecation is not your job, it's our job to do that to you, now get woodlegs over to that island!! 😀

  6. Why not go into the Game File and Change/Fudge the Piles and how much they can hold, like can be done in Rimworld? I changed mine ( the ones I could fined anyway) No more 75 steel in a pile before it's full, now it's 2500 in a Pile. Silver is no longer 500, it's now also 2500. I have to find the ones for Food, since the Mod to increase Stock Piles don't seem to work, even tho it's the right one for the version I am playing.

  7. What would Skye say if he had a 100 space backpack mod? "I don't have any more room".
    I'm not a fan of the storeroom since it's too hard to find anything. The advantage of chests is that they help sort things. One of the wonderful features of DST is the little signs you can make to label the chests.
    I think you should drop everything and make a seaweed farm. Seaweed is a veg. One fish and three seaweed gives you a meatballs. Two fish and two seaweed gives you a California roll which is a sanity food. You can snack on dried seaweed but I don't remember the stats. One butterfly, one seaweed, and two twigs gives you a butter muffin. 30 seaweed and you'll never go hungry.
    Sewing kit before you lose your lucky hat, you already have what you need.
    Plant those spiders. Maybe one pig house nearby to keep them busy?
    Carry the last of your biolume before you lose your miner's hat. It's about time for a biolume hunt.

  8. 33 slots, I'm predicting 5-8 10% torches and 3-4 20% axes Sky knowing you :). Finders a nice mod for storage but a storeroom pretty much handles everything. There's a mod that turns tropical fish into raw fish (jerky, not small jerky) and roe using a machete similar to coconuts. If you plan on doing fish farms just though it would be useful. Good progress so far keep it up

  9. I knew you'd love the extra slot mod, I use the RPG one with all them on the tool bar. I also use a mod for higher stack numbers, might as well while you're at it?

  10. No way bro.. i watch 4 episodes like 1 sec ago and tell ouu man no more 🙁 And now this video come YEEEEEEEY XD

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